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Thursday Tip

Here is a  tip to try this weekend to get ready for your Thanksgiving Table from my Friend ,Eleida, Next Level Interiors

Anchor with Fabric

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Anchor with Fabric

Even the simplest of Tablescapes can be anchored with fabric. It is the first step to find a base or container so the grouping looks like one arrangement. Here we used a fabric placemat  and then assembled the rest of the items. The fabric not only provides color and texture but adds to the theme of the fall and Thanksgiving season.




From my friend and Fabric Guru, Eleida

Thankful also for….fabric!

From my friend and Fabric Guru, Eleida of Next Level Interiors

Thankful also for….fabric!


The great thing about Thanksgiving is that it reminds us to really be thankful. Family and friends are at the top of my list, and so many other things including my business and all the great people I meet through it.

When it comes to work, I  have to say that I am also thankful for fabric!  I love fabric and a few times a year when I see that big box of fabric books come to my door, it is like Christmas all over again.  To me that big box is full of creative ideas waiting to happen, hundreds of new combinations that can be put together to add unique finishing touches to any room. With fabric you can bring your personality into the room, whether you prefer a monochromatic  look rich in textures,  a lot of pattern and color, or somewhere in between.  What starts as fabric can be transformed into a variety of unique items designed just for you and your home, from window treatments to pillows, throws, runners, lampshades, upholstery projects, and more.  Choose a fabric you love, add others to complement it and be creative. Use them for bands, contrast cord, ties and so much more.


I may not be thinking about fabric on Thanksgiving day, but as soon as Monday comes around I will be thankful for it too. Let the creative process begin! :)


Last minute chandelier tip from my friend Eleida

Halloween Decor Tip by Next Level Interiors

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Halloween Decor Tip

We love to decorate our tables for Halloween but often forget the chandelier. Add some decor to it too and complement your tablescape. All you need is some thin wire to secure the pieces, and your creativity. It can be an unexpected and unique finishing touch!

Check out my blog this Sunday for some great Halloween Tablescape ideas

Bringing Fall Indoors by my friend Eleida

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Bringing Fall IndoorsNext Level Interiors

Fall is a great time to add some seasonal decor to your home.  As it gets colder outside, it is a time when we want to feel warm and cozy and bring some of the beautiful fall colors indoors.

In the dining room, create a beautiful tablescape that displays your favorite fall colors. Set arrangement on plates or trays so they can be easily moved as needed.   Vary the heights of the items for added interest. This is a great place to add candles and some gold accents too if you want to dress it up.


Mantles are also great to display some of your favorite seasonal items. You can either work with the artwork you already have on the wall, or remove it temporarily and add something that reflects the season – branches, leaves, or other fall decor.

Get creative with items, and places where you can display them, from stairways to window sills and beyond.


Have fun decorating your home and enjoy the season!  To read more of Elieda’s posts

The Power of 3 by Eleida Fleming, Next Level Interiors

It is fall and a great time to feather your nest, move things around your home and add fall touches to your décor for a fresh look. A great way to change things up is with accessories. They allow you to personalize your space in creative ways and add the finishing touches that take it to the next level!

When it comes to design, 3 is really a magical number. It is seen in architecture as well as décor because objects that appear in threes are more appealing and memorable. There are many ways to successfully display accessories, but if you want a fool proof simple formula, stick with the number 3. If you are using three different objects, vary the size and textures but keep some commonality. In the first picture all items have glass/mirror or are shiny with gold accents, three on the accent table, three on the wall.


If you have a large wall to fill but are unsure of how to arrange all the items to make them look right, consider using three of the same item to keep it simple. For framed items, this can be three of the same frames with different artwork in each one. Be creative, you can use all kinds of items for wall art. One client had three wreaths she wanted to use but didn’t know where to place them. We found the perfect place in her guest bedroom, used all three together and added another unused item as a backdrop, so the collection was visually large enough above the king size bed and for that particular wall space.  This piece went well with the rest of that room’s theme. C47

When designing custom window treatments, I often also look at the power of 3 and use three different fabrics for a really custom look. For these panels I used a stripe, a large print, and a solid.  Want to use different patterns around the room but don’t want it to feel overdone? Use three and vary the scale and style, perhaps one large print, one geometric, one small print. Your eye will tell you if the room is large enough for moreCustom Panels

If you are wanting a new look and are thinking of rearranging or redesigning a space, follow the simple rule of 3 when accessorizing. Choose items you have collected or new ones that reflect your style. You will have your own and unique next level look!