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Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2014

You know Purple not Purrpple!

Painting in 2014? Here’s the hot color

The palette called Curiosity is “largely driven by science and geology.”

A sophisticated grayish violet dubbed Exclusive Plum is the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year for 2014. “This dusky, filtered violet is refined without being stuffy, elegant yet easy, and layered with romantic potential,” says Jackie Jordan, the company’s director of color marketing.

The 2014 forecast features 38 colors in four palettes: Reasoned, Diaphanous, Intrinsic and Curiosity. Curiosity is “largely driven by science and geology,” and is where Exclusive Plum fits in.

The company says the 2014 color is versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces: For a cozy, masculine den, Jordan recommends pairing it with accents of copper and worn leather. It can be layered with gold, gray and white for an “elegant, dreamy bedroom,” or highlighted against white subway tile and chrome in the master bath. Pops of magenta and chartreuse make for a more energetic space.

For more examples of how to use Elusive Plum SW 6263 Visit the link below.

Thursday Tip

Here is a  tip to try this weekend to get ready for your Thanksgiving Table from my Friend ,Eleida, Next Level Interiors

Anchor with Fabric

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Anchor with Fabric

Even the simplest of Tablescapes can be anchored with fabric. It is the first step to find a base or container so the grouping looks like one arrangement. Here we used a fabric placemat  and then assembled the rest of the items. The fabric not only provides color and texture but adds to the theme of the fall and Thanksgiving season.




From my friend and Fabric Guru, Eleida

Thankful also for….fabric!

From my friend and Fabric Guru, Eleida of Next Level Interiors

Thankful also for….fabric!


The great thing about Thanksgiving is that it reminds us to really be thankful. Family and friends are at the top of my list, and so many other things including my business and all the great people I meet through it.

When it comes to work, I  have to say that I am also thankful for fabric!  I love fabric and a few times a year when I see that big box of fabric books come to my door, it is like Christmas all over again.  To me that big box is full of creative ideas waiting to happen, hundreds of new combinations that can be put together to add unique finishing touches to any room. With fabric you can bring your personality into the room, whether you prefer a monochromatic  look rich in textures,  a lot of pattern and color, or somewhere in between.  What starts as fabric can be transformed into a variety of unique items designed just for you and your home, from window treatments to pillows, throws, runners, lampshades, upholstery projects, and more.  Choose a fabric you love, add others to complement it and be creative. Use them for bands, contrast cord, ties and so much more.


I may not be thinking about fabric on Thanksgiving day, but as soon as Monday comes around I will be thankful for it too. Let the creative process begin! :)


Thusday Tip. Dining room, By the numbers

pumpkin vase

The Table: pumpkin vase

  • Allow 36 inches from the edge of the dining table to the wall or another piece of furniture for easy access in and out of the chairs and to avoid damage to the buffet.
  • Make sure if an area rug is used that the chair legs remain on the rug even when pulled out.
  • Knees should be able to be 12 inches to 14 inches under the table.
  • Seat height for dining chairs should be at least 18 inches high. Although sometimes our thighs or knees touch the dining table base because it is not the correct distance from the seat.

Are you thinking of a new chandelier for the holiday?  Here are the numbers:

  • Diameter of the dining room chandelier should be about one half to two thirds the width of the table it will be hanging over.
  • The general rule for hanging dining room chandelier is that the bottom of the fixture should hang between 30″ and 36″ from the tabletop.

Enjoy your family time

GraceAnn Simoni,


…and so it begins…

Can you believe it, the first big Holiday of the season is right around the corner, Thanksgiving?

I love this holiday, to have the chance to fill the house with the wonderful turkey and pumpkin smells and the thoughts of all the people around the table!!!  “Oh no!” you say.   “Where am I am going to put everyone?”

When I was growing up there was always the extra card table or two in the living room and the ‘kids’ table’ (I think I was still there at age 13), usually set up in the kitchen.  Thanksgiving is all about getting ‘together‘ over a meal and giving thanks.

Let’s take a look at some ideas for getting more people in the same room.  Some tricks I have tried in the past include turning the dining room table at an angle.  You will discover that it offers the ability to seat more people and the result is less damage to the china cabinet or buffet by chairs too close.   Photo below is a client’s home and you can see the redesigned space gives plenty of room for additional chairs.  This also allows plenty of room to add the table extensions.MB DR beforeand after

Below is a home of my client that I redesigned just for the holidays and her large family.

My team  moved the table and china hutch to the living room.  The hutch was to  be accessorized with all sizes of old family photos just to extend the theme of ‘thankfulness for family’.  There is also room to set up small separate tables, perhaps one, ‘for the kids’ in the same room.

Original Living Room
Original Living Room
After the room 'switch'
After the room ‘switch’

We used the original dining room as a small sitting area for the grandmas to talk and spend time with the little ones in a room separate from the ‘football’ family room.

Original Dining Room
Original Dining Room

After the 'switch'

As it turns out, these rooms were left this way after the holidays and the sitting room became the quiet homework center.  The dining room was used more often because it felt more open and worked great for school projects.

Hope these ideas will help you get the whole family together in the same room.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving,