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Last minute chandelier tip from my friend Eleida

Halloween Decor Tip by Next Level Interiors

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Halloween Decor Tip

We love to decorate our tables for Halloween but often forget the chandelier. Add some decor to it too and complement your tablescape. All you need is some thin wire to secure the pieces, and your creativity. It can be an unexpected and unique finishing touch!

Check out my blog this Sunday for some great Halloween Tablescape ideas

Bringing Fall Indoors by my friend Eleida

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Bringing Fall IndoorsNext Level Interiors

Fall is a great time to add some seasonal decor to your home.  As it gets colder outside, it is a time when we want to feel warm and cozy and bring some of the beautiful fall colors indoors.

In the dining room, create a beautiful tablescape that displays your favorite fall colors. Set arrangement on plates or trays so they can be easily moved as needed.   Vary the heights of the items for added interest. This is a great place to add candles and some gold accents too if you want to dress it up.


Mantles are also great to display some of your favorite seasonal items. You can either work with the artwork you already have on the wall, or remove it temporarily and add something that reflects the season – branches, leaves, or other fall decor.

Get creative with items, and places where you can display them, from stairways to window sills and beyond.


Have fun decorating your home and enjoy the season!  To read more of Elieda’s posts

Moving is stressful for everyone, including your pets

IMG_0623As many of you already know I foster dogs for A Caring Place Humane Society  here in Chicago.  I am amazed at how many dogs are turned in as ‘ strays’.  I imagine someone out there crying because there dog is lost and not knowing what to do.  Here is a scenario that I imagine happens too often.  You are moving to a new place and your dog gets loose.  He does not know where home is so he wonders around till someone hopefully finds him and takes him to a shelter.

Chet writes;

Moving is stressful…
… And your dog will experience much of the
same anxiety that you do.

The change.  The state of limbo that’s inevitable
as you pack one house, and then unpack the
next.  The actual moving day.

Then there’s the adjustment period, as everyone
gets settled into their new surroundings.

Your family is stressed by the change…

… And your dog senses this!!!

Consider how many stories you’ve heard about dogs
‘running away’ from their new home after a move, trying
to find their way back to the old house.

It happens all the time, more often than you even
hear about on the local news stations!

So here is great information from Chet Womach, one of my favorite online Pet Trainers.
He is  sharing 10 tips that should help make your dog’s transition between the old
and new homes as smooth and painless as possible.

You can read it here:


Chet Womach  (check out all his post and subscribe to his news letter)

GraceAnn’s Blog, Textures for Fall

Fall is my favorite season because of all the colors from gold, to purples and a thousand shades of green. Look for all the textures,  from the smooth still green leaves to the crunchy ones on the ground.  The drying branches and the aging trunks of trees.  Add some fall touches to your table.    Remember in my last post I talked about the textures I saw using  burlap and wood.  Here is one I saw at Americas Mart in Atlanta.

Americas Mart July 2013 (2) - Copy Lots of burlap,  lots of fall colors

This is a table runner and placemats made from slivers of wood.Americas Mart July 2013 (7) - Copy

For a simpler look try one of these.

For Halloween I used orange flowers in a vase with small pumpkins nearby.


Use a real pumpkin and take out the seeds with the smallest hole you can make work.  Then using a 1 inch circular bit make several holes near the ‘lid’  fill the pumpkin with water and insert sprigs of flowers in each hole.

pumpkin vaseEnjoy!

Feathering Your Nest with pattern, repeat, pattern, repeat! by Jill Robson

custom window treatments and interior fashions

Have you noticed how frequently we are seeing repetitive patterns right now, on everything? Whether they are made of straight lines or more flowing curves, the repetition of a single motif is used to create a simple pattern or an all-over visual effect.On fabric: I particularly love how these drapery panels have been pleated – if you look carefully and let your eye follow the panels from the bottom to the top, you can see that the fabric has been manipulated to create a new pattern within the original one.  Yes – it is the same fabric on the pillows! When you are selecting fabric for window treatments, it is very important to consider how the pattern will look when it is pleated or gathered on a rod.  Working with a well-qualified drapery workroom, that pays careful attention to this detail, can mean the difference between pattern success or pattern failure.


In furniture:


On wallpaper:


In artwork:

Wall art

And it’s a hot pattern for stencils, if you prefer to create your own fabric and wallpaper alternative.

At what point would you consider a pattern “enough or too much of a good thing”?

Grace Ann’s DIY Tip

Fall lends itself to lots of fun colors.  Let’s get creative and redesign the centerpiece on your table.  I love the look of a basket full of colorful gourds  in the fall, but I also like fall colored flowers. Combine the two in one basket by cutting the flowers down to about 3 inches and placing them in florist vials which hold water. These can be purchased from you local florist.

flower picksInsert the pick through out the gourd arrangement.

You can the changes flowers as needed and refresh water in the vials easily.

fall gords

Behind the arrangement, on my kitchen island,  I have a tray with a fall scene on an easel as a back drop to add more fall coloring.  Enjoy!

The Power of 3 by Eleida Fleming, Next Level Interiors

It is fall and a great time to feather your nest, move things around your home and add fall touches to your décor for a fresh look. A great way to change things up is with accessories. They allow you to personalize your space in creative ways and add the finishing touches that take it to the next level!

When it comes to design, 3 is really a magical number. It is seen in architecture as well as décor because objects that appear in threes are more appealing and memorable. There are many ways to successfully display accessories, but if you want a fool proof simple formula, stick with the number 3. If you are using three different objects, vary the size and textures but keep some commonality. In the first picture all items have glass/mirror or are shiny with gold accents, three on the accent table, three on the wall.


If you have a large wall to fill but are unsure of how to arrange all the items to make them look right, consider using three of the same item to keep it simple. For framed items, this can be three of the same frames with different artwork in each one. Be creative, you can use all kinds of items for wall art. One client had three wreaths she wanted to use but didn’t know where to place them. We found the perfect place in her guest bedroom, used all three together and added another unused item as a backdrop, so the collection was visually large enough above the king size bed and for that particular wall space.  This piece went well with the rest of that room’s theme. C47

When designing custom window treatments, I often also look at the power of 3 and use three different fabrics for a really custom look. For these panels I used a stripe, a large print, and a solid.  Want to use different patterns around the room but don’t want it to feel overdone? Use three and vary the scale and style, perhaps one large print, one geometric, one small print. Your eye will tell you if the room is large enough for moreCustom Panels

If you are wanting a new look and are thinking of rearranging or redesigning a space, follow the simple rule of 3 when accessorizing. Choose items you have collected or new ones that reflect your style. You will have your own and unique next level look!