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Americas Mart Trends

My recent attendance at The DSA Deco-Symposium in Atlanta,  afforded me time to visit the fabulous Americas Mart, take a look at what else I saw.

Texture and natural elements were everywhere, from carved wood lamp bases, intricately
carved wood screens, to natural fabrics like burlap and linen in everything.Picture2
There are so many more trends to talk about in future posts.



But for now I want to tell you about BURLAP.Burlap photo
BURLAP. Yes, that is correct, the material we most often picture in sack form holding rice, coffee, beans and even sandbags to hold back water from high rains. This eco-friendly material is woven from fibers of the jute plant, and sometimes combined with other plant fibers to make rope, nets and other products.

Burlap has come a long way and is now being used everywhere as a decorative accent.

Burlap, linen and other natural fabrics were seen everywhere, napkins, aprons, pillows, both natural color, dyes of all hues,

and screen printed. Picture2 Picture6Upholstered headboards, even the bed skirt was made of burlap!


I saw it used as window treatments and  ribbon.Picture8











Even Gift Wrap!  I told you it was everywhere!


My favorite new trend is burlap Lamp Shades!



Pottery Barn combined a burlap lamp shade with a metal lamp base, casual elegance, for sure.Picture14


Why not make your own?

Lay your shade on a piece of burlap or create a pattern using craft paper, as seen here. Simply lay your existing  lampshade directly on the burlap and trace the shade while rolling gently to create an outline of the shade.  When you cut the pattern remember to add a couple of inches all around to fold over the shade.Picture12Picture13

Step Three- In a well ventilated area, spray the shade with fabric adhesive; adding a light spray to the fabric as well. Wrap and smooth fabric around the shade being careful not to stretch the loosely woven burlap.


Add a professional touch by trimming the inside fold to about 1/2 inch and then glue ribbon or seam tape to cover all the rough edges.  Let dry completely before turning on the lamp.


Enjoy your new textured look.

Inspiration is Everywhere:

Take it another step further by creating your own Photo mat, like this one from Pottery Barn. Picture15

1.Use your existing mat, place a piece of the burlap over the mat, covering the opening. Leave a couple of inches all around.
2.Spray both with the adhesive.
3.Smooth any bubbles out and let dry completely. Then using scissors or an Exacto knife trim the excess from the perimeter.
4.For the covered opening cut and X across the opening. Pull the fabric to the back and either trim to the edge or fold and glue.
5.Ta-Dah!  A wonderful frame to co-ordinate with your lamp shade.